Wooden Framework [ non portable]
The timber used for framework is S.A. industrial pine. It is tanelin treated and coated with creosote for out doors.

The carcasses are made out of 18mm exterior pine plywood and coated with creosote or exterior varnish for out doors.

Steel framework.[fully portable]
This design is made out of steel square tubing with precision made panels and collapsible frame work [hinge system].
All steel work is optional for finish with hot dipped galvanizing or enamel coated.

Skating surfaces
There is a choice of five different skating surfaces, ranging in quality from :
1• exterior pine plywood
2• Hardwood wbp [water boiled proof] plywood
3• High spec hardwood ‘A’ grade marine plywood
For resistance to abrasion, impact and general wear and tear we recommend on top of the plywood either
1• 2mm steel sheet [galvanized to prevent rust] or
2• 6mm ramp skin [LLDPE plastic composite]

NB: locally manufactured ramp skins are still in the development process, availability should be towards the end of 2001 / beginning 2002.
However imported products are available on order.

All fastening on frame work and surface is done by using high grade plated screws and bolts. Special care is taken on surface fastening with all screws flush and no lifting

If the highest grade and obviously the more expensive materials and finish are chosen to build your skate park you will have longer lasting and more durable ramps, with low maintenance costs. The lesser grade materials and finish chosen the less durable and higher maintenance costs.

Either way a maintenance program must be initiated and adhered to for the safety of the skaters and the durability of your park.