Designers & manufacturers of skateparks, vert ramps, half pipes, 1/4 pipes, tables,
fun boxes, pyramids, hips, banks, mini-ramps, spine ramps, bowls, rails, ledges, curbs e.t.c.

ProRamps have been innovative in the development of the skate park industry in South Africa over the last decade.
With our hands on approach and direct involvement with the development of the three extreme sports which make
use of this equipment.
i.e. : skateboarding, in-line & b.m.x. freestyle. We also initiate,
organize and run national and international championships.

ProRamps use various design and manufacture techniques to accommodate all budgets and purposes, from
non-portable all wood frame and surface, to the latest design and technology incorporating steel tube frame
work with ply wood surface, ply wood and steel surface or ply wood and ramp skin surface. This new high tech
design is fully portable for easy assembling, dismantling and transporting.

Ideal for road shows and tours.

Pro skate ramps are designed on a standardized modular system, meaning all components are compatible
for the purpose of integrating or separating the ramps. This is to customize the street course layouts according
to the shape or size of any given venue.